King of Shadows – Weekly Update #96

Hey people, it’s been a big week and I’ve been super excited to share what’s been happening recently, so without any further delay let’s get into it.

To give some context, this month I was referred onto a work experience program where I was offered the opportunity of designing a game for them, which was a very pleasant surprise for me since it meant I could put my design skills to the test and see if I could pull off designing and building a game within a 4-week time period.

Construction Chaos 19_09_2018 5_50_16 PM.png

While it certainly is a simple game, a game I did indeed build with an artist there who was able to work on the 3D models while I handled the in-engine work, including coding and putting it all together. We decided to call it Construction Chaos (since I do love some good alliteration).

The game’s premise is that you play as a previously unemployed person who gets a job at a construction site, where they essentially become a glorified errand runner who everyone lumps all of their problems onto, whether it be taking tools to workers, helping reinforce weak construction or dealing with the noise complaints of local residents.

There was a lot I wanted to get in but simply couldn’t due to my lack of coding experience and the time constraints, only being able to work a few hours 4 days a week at most on it between other commitments and referrals, but it was a great experience overall, and since I had a lot of fun on the project I do hope to go back and polish it up and add music and sound effects at some point. However, even if it isn’t everything I wanted it to be it’s a good learning experience and an item for the portfolio, I’ll try to get some gameplay footage of it for next week’s update.

Well, that’s all I have to share for this week. I plan to have some King of Shadows content next update so stay tuned.


King of Shadows – Weekly Update #95

Hey people, another week has passed and the time for another update has arrived. Once again there isn’t a whole lot to report in terms of the King of Shadows game itself but I have made little bits of progress on multiple projects.

For starters, I’ll post another character sketch I’ve done for the game, this one featuring Jade Lucian.

Jade is one of the three remaining members of Valo Squad known for her raw strength, rumoured to be second only to King Rehoboam. Along with Levi and Silus she helped to rally the Lumin forces and drive off the invading Shadow Warriors in the tragedy that occurred two weeks prior to the events of the prologue chapter.

As for other stuff I can share at this point, I’ve started working on the final version of my Dark Bowser skin mod in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, starting with implementing something I was very excited to do.

Dark Bowser will now use a custom model for attacks where Bowser retreats into his shell. The model is based on the sprites used for the curl ability in Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, which Dark Bowser originated from.

I have a bit more I’ve been working on and can’t wait to share with you all… but that will have to wait for the next update. In the meantime I’ll be working to get it up to the highest standard possible as this may well be the final week I have to work on it. Thank you all for following the development of King of Shadows and have a great week.

King of Shadows – Weekly Update #94

Hey people, hope you’ve all been having a brilliant week. All I can say is this has been a huge week for me and I’ve been very busy. Unfortunately not much work was done on King of Shadows content this week but I do have a couple of character sketches I’m able to show, since these sketches will be used for placeholder character sprites when I’ve got Bastion’s outlines and flat colours done.

Introducing Levi Reza and Silus Kuma. Both of them are members of Valo Squad and among the most powerful surviving Lumin after the attack on Lux Astu two weeks prior to the events of the prologue chapter.

The reason I haven’t done much King of Shadows work this week is because there’s another project in the works at the moment that’s coming along nicely but I won’t talk about yet. It’s a surprise I will save the reveal for until it’s in a more presentable state.

Anyway, that’s all I have to talk about for this week. See you all in next week’s update and thanks for following the development of King of Shadows.

King of Shadows – Weekly Update #93

Apologies for the lateness people, embarrassingly I completely forgot to write the update for last week until just now. Anyway here it is.

Got some solid work done on the placeholder Bastion sprite last week, and he’s getting pretty close to having all of the outlines and flat colours complete.

I’m also building quite the lineup of character sketches to be turned into placeholder sprites, and have only a few more characters to go. I aim to get at least one more sketch done this week.

Hopefully you enjoyed the update, I’ll see you all again for this week’s update pretty soon. Thanks for following the development of King of Shadows.

King of Shadows – Weekly Update #92

Hey people, another week has come and gone. This week was a little busier for me so I unfortunately wasn’t able to get as much done on the things I wanted to as I’d like, but I have made some progress on the things I was working on last week.

The changes to the placeholder Bastion sprite aren’t really significant enough at this point to show, so I’ll skip talking about it for this update.

As for the creature model, I’ve made some more progress on its final textures and – as you may have noticed – added in small magic circles on its horns and feet at the request of the person I’m making it for.


And that’s all I have to share for this week, see you all in next week’s update and thanks for following the development of King of Shadows.

King of Shadows – Weekly Update #91

Hey people, it’s that time of week again, hope you’ve all been having a great week like I have. I’ve been very productive, and although I’ll only be sharing a small portion of my progress in this update I’m very excited for the things to come. All of that said, let’s get into the update.

This week I made a start on the digital side of things for another placeholder character sprite, Bastion Kiran. He’s coming along nicely so far, and I have a few more sketches lined up for when he’s at the same point as Rehoboam and the Shadow King.


And now finally something I’ve been meaning to get back onto for a while and have started on this week.


That’s right, I’m back to working on the creature model. I’m working to improve the textures to look as high-quality as I can get them to be at this point in time (of course without spending the rest of my life on them haha). I’ve only spent an hour on them so far for this week, but I aim to do more on them in the upcoming week.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for this week, see you all in next week’s update and thanks for following the development of King of Shadows.

King of Shadows – Weekly Update #90

Hey people, it has been a pretty busy week for me this week but I did manage to get some work done on things.

The outlines and flat colours for the placeholder Shadow King sprite are complete, like with the Rehoboam sprite I am saving the shading and highlights for a later stage. What I want to do is rapid fire a bunch of the characters up to this stage and then polish them up when they’re all in. Since they’ll all end up being polished around the same time, it should also help ensure that they have a more consistent level of quality.

I intend to start working on another placeholder character sprite this week, and also to get to working on that certain other project that’s been on the back-burner for long enough.

That’s all I have to say for this week, see you all in next week’s update and thanks for following the development of King of Shadows.

King of Shadows – Weekly Update #89

Hey people, hope you’ve all had a great week and that you’re excited to see what I have to show for this week’s update.

This week I made a lot of progress on the placeholder Shadow King sprite, pretty much his whole upper body and then some has clean outlines and flat colours.

Out of interest, I decided to make this little comparison image between the WIP placeholder sprite and one of the rough ones I made a while ago. The WIP version obviously has a lot more detail, and has gone through a bit of iteration in terms of the design.

I’ll continue to work hard on it in the upcoming week, I aim to have all outlines and flat colours done either this week or next week, at which point I plan to get back to work on a certain other item I’ve unfortunately been neglecting.

Anyway that’s all I have to say for this week, see you all in next week’s update and thanks for following the development of King of Shadows.

King of Shadows – Weekly Update #88

Hey people, it is indeed that time of week once again and I have some very good news to share.

I’ve been working hard this week to get the Pom Pom mod ready to show and am proud to report that I have made much better time than I was expecting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not only have all of her materials and textures been tweaked to satisfactory levels, but I have also managed to fix other issues the mod had such as the normals issues on the Clown Car that caused a seam in the centre of the rim at the top of it.

Not only that, but I have finished a pack of voice clips for her so that during the game she is able to have her voice from Super Mario 3D World rather than Bowser Jr’s voice.

With all of these things now complete, all that remains is her Character Select Portrait and other UI elements, which is currently in the works and should be done very soon. I hope to release the mod in the upcoming week.

In the upcoming week I’ll be back to working on the Placeholder Shadow King sprite, and possibly a certain other project I’ve been waiting to get back onto.

For those who primarily read these updates for King of Shadows content and have been itching to see more about it, I thank you for being patient with me these past couple of weeks, and will work hard with the aim of scratching that itch in the coming weeks.

That’s all I have to say for this update, see you all next week and thanks for following the development of King of Shadows.

King of Shadows – Weekly Update #87

Hey people, hope you’ve all been enjoying your week. It’s time for another weekly update and I’ve kept you waiting long enough so without further ado, let’s get into it.

I’ve mainly been focusing on the Pom Pom mod this week and was able to make a very satisfying level of progress on her. I managed to fix the issue of her eyes going derpy during certain animations and have begun to polish many of her other textures.

As much as I would like to share screenshots of my current progress, I have decided against it this time since I want to keep it a surprise until it’s all done, so you’ll just have to take my word for it at this point haha.

So… yeah, bit of a shorter update this week and unfortunately no King of Shadows content but I’ll try to have something to share for next week if Pom Pom isn’t ready to be shown by then. In any case I’ll see you all in next week’s update and thanks for following the development of King of Shadows.