The Zirtax


The Zirtax is a very powerful creature. In fact, it is powerful enough to be considered the strongest living being in the universe.

General Information

Name: N/A

Age: 43

Gender: N/A

Race/Species: Zirtax/Cyborg

Weight: 95kg

Height: 75cm


It was created because of the Gexan Warrior-Scientist Omega’s experiments on the Zirtax species, who was intrigued by the fact that while the individual psychic power of the insect-like creatures was weak, barely enough to lift a fist-sized rock, they could connect their minds like a network to lift much larger and heavier objects with ease. Omega wanted to see if he could find a way to improve the individual psychic power of the creatures, so he decided to test four  methods to see which would yield the best results:

1. Training – Pushing them to use their power as much as they were able to in a day in an attempt to build it up like a muscle. This proved to be somewhat effective but the rate of growth was slow and they seemed to have a set limit to how strong they could get with this method. Physical training seemed to raise the limit but not by a lot.

2. Genetic Engineering – Using injections and modifying the genes of Zirtax to give them more mental capacity. This didn’t do anything to increase the amount of psychic power the creatures could use but significantly increased their potential.

3. Cybernetic Augmentation – Implanting electronics into a Zirtax brain to focus their power. The reasoning behind this was that Zirtax may actually have more psychic power than it would appear, but they don’t focus it effectively. His theory in this case turned out to be correct, and the test subjects of this method were able to carve shapes into a rock where usually their power would be too spread thin to do something like that. However as far as increasing their power or potential went, this did nothing in that regard.

4. Fusion – taking two Zirtax and fusing them into a single, stronger being by using a crude means of teleportation that would break them down to a subatomic level and set them to reform them at an identical position, making sure that each one was secured tightly so they couldn’t move at all and potentially disrupt the process, as the consequences for that would be catastrophic. This method proved to be extremely effective in boosting the physical strength of the resulting Zirtax, and the psychic power was easily more than double that of a regular Zirtax, the only thing Omega found noteworthy as a possible drawback was strange behaviour exhibited by the fused Zirtax and the other test subjects seeming to instinctively avoid them.

However, the results of these experiments weren’t enough for Omega. So he decided to do something completely outrageous with four Zirtax.

5. All of the previous methods combined.

The four Zirtax first had their full psychic potential unlocked through physical training and then genetic engineering, then forced to train their power until they were literally unable to get any stronger. At this point they had already surpassed the previous fusion group, and with the cybernetic implants the power of a single one of these things was enough to create cracks in the anti-psychic material Omega was using to contain them.

But he wasn’t done yet.

Omega then moved onto the final phase of method 5; fusion of the four superpowered Zirtax. When it first awoke, the new Zirtax was horrified and confused, and Omega noticed in that moment why the previous fused Zirtax exhibited strange behaviour, and why the others wanted to avoid them. It was because there was one unintended side effect of the fusion that hadn’t been obvious until then: the resulting Zirtax ceased to be an individual. In other words, it wasn’t that their indiviual minds were stronger than a standard Zirtax, but rather that they were mentally networking every time one of the personalities wanted to use the psychic power. While the bodies were merged, their souls weren’t.

The superpowered Zirtax then proceeded to break its bonds with ease and shattered its containment with no effort. From there it called the rest of the test subjects “tainted” and slaughtered them all in an instant, much to Omega’s dismay.

It then threatened to tear Omega apart, who tried to seal it in the lab, but all the security did was delay the Zirtax for a few seconds, which was enough for Omega to get away but the creature simply carved a bloody path through anything that it saw.

By the time Omega was able to warn his people and they were able to make their escape, more than half of the Gexan race had been wiped out by the vengeful creature, which swore to destroy everything Omega had tainted with his experiments, and then it would kill him once he had experienced the suffering equivalent to what the Zirtax had to go through.


The Zirtax can achieve nigh-impossible physical feats. It is not only insanely strong in a physical sense, able to slice right through even Gexan armour like butter, but can move at speeds surpassing the speed of light and has incredible durability, able to tank the full force of Omega’s attacks – who, mind you is the third-strongest being in the universe – with little more than a few scratches on its armour.

And if that wasn’t enough to deter anyone from attempting to challenge the creature, its strongest trait is in its psychic powers. It is able to move things with its mind, cut through things if it focuses hard enough, and even hijack someone’s mind to communicate, distract, manipulate their perceptions and memories or even control them if they’re not equipped to deal with such an attack.

Even people that have trained their minds to defend against such attacks can have these defenses chewed up and spit out by the creature if they’re not complete.

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