Slender: Anxiety


He will find you sooner or later

Slender: Anxiety is a story-driven horror game created by Hades Productions which will be using the Unity3D engine. This game is based off Slender: The Arrival made by Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions.

This game will tell the story of the survivors and witnesses of the tall bald man. They keep their terrifying secrets and experiences stored in camcorders and tapes, only left for other witnesses to find. They all have to stop HIM and end what they call this “Hell on Earth”. Going to different places and locations, they all have to finish their objective… while at the same time staying away from HIM. But that’s the question: Will they manage to survive the wrath of the tall man?

I’m working as a designer and a 3D modeller for the project. I’ve made the character models for Slender Man and Joan (protagonist) and am also working as a designer/producer to help organise the team, although I have been on break from the project a bit until my studies are completed.


Note: Video is of an old build and does not reflect the current state of the recent test builds, which are closer to the final product.



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