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King of Shadows – Fall of the Lumin [Prologue Chapter]

20 years ago…
A war was in motion; a battle between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. Both sides were incredibly powerful in their own rights and everyone believed the fight could go either way.
Well, everyone except for the mysterious King of Shadows, who was observing the battle and directing his troops from the summit of a small mountain. Sure, he saw Rehoboam – Lumin King and warrior of light – as a worthy adversary, but he saw his… underlings as not even worth the time it took to kill them. However, he knew what was at stake. While he could easily kill the majority of the Lumin with little effort, their very existence posed a threat to the plan. If they even caught wind of it, they could become a serious obstacle, and potentially counteract it. He couldn’t allow that to happen. Crush them now and restore energies later, he thought to himself as more Lumin fell. Continue Reading


Joseph stared at the body that lay before him on the bed. He was about to remove the skull mask from the man’s face, the mask that had covered his true identity for so long – the mask that had covered Thanatophobia’s identity for so long.
Joseph was a detective, and had a name for solving very difficult cases. Because of this, he was assigned to go on the trail of the gang of murderers known as The Shadow. Now he was standing here, in a morgue, because one had been reported dead.
Joseph braced himself for the difficult task that would come: identifying the man,  before slowly reaching down and peeling off the mask. He gasped when he saw who the man was. I- impossible! Surely it can’t be… The man he was looking down at, the one who had killed so many with The Shadow, was James Dredd. Continue Reading