King of Shadows


King of Shadows is an episodic, third-person action-adventure title that follows the story of Aryn Lux, who discovers that she is the last of a race known as the Lumin, a people known for wielding light energy that were eradicated with only her mother escaping the genocide while bearing Aryn.

Soon after learning of her heritage, the one responsible for the slaughter – the mysterious entity known as the Shadow King – begins to advance his plot to conquer the world and plunge it into darkness.

Thrust into a situation bigger than herself, Aryn is given the mission of uniting the races to stand against the Shadow People and destroying the Shadow King. To do that, she must learn to use and control her power of light.

In the face of an impending darkness, a small ray of hope remains, but will it be enough? Find out in King of Shadows.

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Some quick placeholder enemy variants I made using a single base that will be used for the King of Shadows prototype.

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