Aryn’s Team


Aryn Lux (Front Centre)

The last living Lumin, Aryn grew up in secret amongst humans and didn’t know of her heritage until she was 19 years of age. Not too long after she was told by her father that she wasn’t human and that he wasn’t her real father, the city she was living in was attacked by the Shadow King’s forces and he was killed trying to help civilians. She was rescued by a Resistance organisation, known as Kukaniza, that gave her the task of gathering allies and bringing down the Shadow King.

As a Lumin, Aryn has superhuman strength, speed and durability and control over light energy. She also inherited her grandmother Pandora’s ability to see into the future, although this is something she has no control over.

Aryn is generally kind to everyone she meets, she often wears a warm smile and has a caring personality. However, the pressure sometimes gets to her since she knows the stakes are high and the consequences for failure would be catastrophic, but she has resolved to give it everything she has and to work to overcome the obstacles.

Narukai Nokiri (Front Left)

One of the strongest Raija members, Narukai was corrupted by a shadow spike that had turned him into a slave of the Shadow King. However, Aryn was able to remove the corruption before he was completely taken and so he felt that he owed his life to her, swearing an oath to wield his swords to fight alongside and for her.

Narukai is a master martial artist and swordsman, specialising in dual wielding techniques. He also has access to powerful psychic abilities present in all of the Raija, able to haul up and toss aside enemies with his mental power alone.

Narukai is very idealistic, having strong beliefs ingrained in him on what a warrior must be and do and voices his opinion when something one of the team members does conflicts with those ideals. However, he doesn’t have any ill intentions behind it, rather he just hasn’t really known anything outside of his home in the forest and thus finds it difficult to adjust to his new life.

Kapur-Ahi (Front Right)

The leader of the Ahi-Moko, Kapur-Ahi inherited the role from his father at 14 and is highly respected. When he heard about the destruction of the Lumin, he gathered his people and convinced them to go into hiding since they had been allied with the Lumin and the Shadow King would likely target them next. But when he heard that Aryn, a living Lumin, was working with Kukaniza to unite the races against the Shadow People, he leaped at the chance to work with them, even going so far as to join her team himself.

Kapur-Ahi has the ability to raise his body heat to dangerously high temperatures without threatening his own safety since his body has incredibly strong heat resistance. He also has the ability to breathe fire and a large stinger at the tip of his tail coated with an acidic substance that is very painful to an open wound.

Kapur-Ahi is a leader that prefers to fight alongside his warriors. He is also someone that would willingly lay down his life to give his team mates a chance to escape if the battle was too much.

Umiko Tsunami (Middle Left)

The princess of the sea, Umiko was raised on a beach by her tribe of hybrid fish-people, joining Aryn’s team after the Lumin came to her seeking to unite the races against the Shadow People. She was reluctant at first given that the Shadow People hadn’t done anything to her tribe yet and she wanted to avoid conflict if possible, but decided to help when she heard that the Shadow King had taken over Aryn’s home city and likely planned to do the same to the other races regardless of whether they fought or not.

Umiko has superhuman strength and swimming ability, as well as having the ability to breathe underwater. She can also create and manipulate liquid to summon a mighty wave or blast a pressurised stream at her foes.

Umiko has two sides to her; one is a childlike innocence, and the other is downright terrifying at times, especially when she suddenly switches out of nowhere. She is also generally very shy and doesn’t open up to many people about her concerns aside from Aryn, whom she feels she can trust completely.

Romanus Lockhart (Middle Right)

The head of Kukaniza, Romanus stumbled upon Nox Astu after hearing about mysterious disappearances in the area and was captured the Shadow People, losing his eyes as a result. He managed to escape and tell his friend Daniel about the experience, who gave him bionic eyes and helped him start Kukaniza. He was approached by Pandora, who told him about the Shadow People and the fate of the Lumin. When she gave birth to Aryn and left to fight the Shadow King, she charged Romanus with raising her in the event that she did not return, who in turn left it to Edward Black since he didn’t know how to raise a child. Years later, he decided to put his own life on the line in personally joining her team when two members died trying to protect her.

Romanus’ bionic eyes have various settings, such as thermal imaging and X-Ray vision. He carries a plasma sword and gun that he uses to fight against Shadow Warriors.

Romanus is generally a kind person, but is tough when the situation calls for it which is why he is respected among his peers. He takes it hard when one of his organisation members is killed, and makes it a point to give them a proper burial if the body can be recovered.

Daniel Walsh (Far Left)

The cyborg known as The Walshinator, Daniel’s base was attacked by the Shadow King after the tyrant caught wind of his designs for a cyborg that would turn the tides on the Shadow People. Daniel himself was mutilated and his remains were used to build the cyborg. Wanting revenge on the Shadow King but not strong enough to take him down on his own, Daniel joined Aryn’s team when she showed him that she had enough potential to satisfy him.

Daniel uses a combination of Dark Energy and technology to his advantage in battle, carrying twin darksabers and having transformable arms that turn into energy cannons. Not only that, but he has the unique ability to copy the form of anything he can capture a sample of energy of. He can also teleport short distances and even warp to other dimensions and timelines, but the latter takes a lot of his concentration and energy, and he can’t affect the timeline he came from in the timeline he goes to.

Daniel is usually cool and collected, and very clever; having designed a lot of the technology used by Kukaniza. If you are on his good side, he will fight to keep you safe, and will never betray you.
However, the thing keeping him alive; the Crystal, while not rendering him a slave to the shadows, has the effect of making him a bit arrogant at times and amplifying his anger; so get on his bad side and all bets are off.

Alpha (Far Right)

Designed and built by Daniel, Alpha was left to watch over the base when its creator was taken away. When Aryn and her team came to investigate, it attacked them out of confusion, determining them to be enemies. However, it stopped when it recognised Romanus, who was able to override its command to attack any intruders. It was brought onto the team so that Romanus could keep it in check.

Alpha uses plasma and electrical weapons in battle, and is able to adapt its fighting style to suit the opponent.

Although Alpha is purely a machine, its AI is so advanced that it seems to demonstrate genuine concern for the safety of the team members, and will use its own body to defend anyone that can’t defend themselves. In its own words, it wishes nothing more than to be useful to its masters.

Mahaan Vishaal (Back)

One of the generals of the giant race known as the Rath, Mahaan was raised in a desolate environment so he and his people could avoid other races altogether, partially because the giants would often break stuff in cities, but mostly because of their… unique problem. Their skulls are one of the weakest parts of their bodies, which makes something as simple as bumping one’s head on a doorframe enough to knock them unconscious, leading them to have to wear tough helmets so that they don’t die if they trip on a rock and hit their heads. Mahaan joined Aryn’s team after she helped to save his squad being attacked by Shadow People, hoping to repay the debt someday.

As a Rath, the force of Mahaan’s punches alone are enough to create powerful shockwaves, shatter armour and completely vapourise weaker Shadow Warriors.

Mahaan can be a bit of a hothead sometimes, but is by no means unintelligent. He is able to understand his shortcomings and does his best to work around them as to not hinder his strengths. Although he puts on a tough front, he is a big softy at heart.

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