Who am I?


I’m a Game Designer who recently finished studies at the AIE Melbourne Campus and am stepping out into the big wide world of the Games Industry. My favourite games are the Super Smash Bros series, Bioshock series, Mass Effect series and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I love the action, adventure and horror genres, especially if they have a good focus on narrative. My hobbies also include traditional drawing, digital painting, creative writing and 3D modelling.

I was the designer for a game jam team and we managed to put together Irish Spelunking, one of my most proud accomplishments, and I was also the designer on the major group project Mordavia, which we were able to get done with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I am currently preparing one of my personal game projects for production.

As a Game Designer my strongest suits are in Character Design, Narrative Design and World Building. I am also familiar with simulating the User Experience and the flow of logic to make Mechanics. I also understand how to write Game Design Documents and use Trello to organise tasks and needs for a project.