King of Shadows – Weekly Update #38

Hey people, it’s that time of week again and I’ve got a pretty big announcement this week, so sit down, get comfortable and get ready for what I have to share.

Monday: Art
I started working on an Art Trade piece I’d been assigned late last week, so far I have sketched the head and am still trying to figure out the proportions and the pose. I will continue to work on it for the next few weeks until it is done.

Tuesday: 3D Modelling
I did some more work on Pom Pom, currently I’m onto doing the UV mapping for her hands, which not gonna lie is pretty tedious since I made some slight errors with a couple of them that I only noticed when I got to certain areas and I had to remap them. Since the model is fairly high-poly it means more vertices to line up with each other, and it really does all add up. I’ll be working on the magician model this upcoming Tuesday and do some more on Pom Pom next week.

Wednesday-Thursday: Major Project
Okay, time for the big announcement…
Basically I’ve been doing a bit of thinking over the last couple of weeks or so about King of Shadows and how big of a project it really is. As I was envisioning it, the story is huge, which is why I was originally thinking of possibly going with an episodic structure for it so that I could release chunks of it as they were made, but as it stands I don’t have the budget nor the team to do it.
At least, not with the hack and slash game.
The solution I’ve come up with? Instead of making it one massive project, split it into two smaller projects. For the main story I plan to make it a series of visual novels, and for the hack and slash game I’m currently thinking of going with an arcade-style approach where you select a character and play through a short campaign.
By making the main story in visual novel format I’ll be able to develop it a lot faster since there’ll be little coding involved, and by making the hack and slash game light on story content I can focus more exclusively on the gameplay. I plan to focus on getting Sadistic Shapes done for the next couple of weeks while I work out some of the details for these ideas. I made a quick mockup of what it could look like


Note: everything in the picture is placeholder and may not accurately reflect the final product.

Friday: Minor Project
I did some more work on the Main Menu, this week setting up a basic Options Menu to test showing and hiding UI elements.

Note: there will be more options in the future aside from changing the screen resolution, such as adjusting the Music and Sound Effects volume.

Saturday-Sunday: Fun Items
This weekend I’ve been working on adding more recolours for my Dark Bowser mod (which by the way has over 900 downloads so far). I’ll probably be working on more next weekend. Also, Sm4shExplorer is working for me again so I can compile and test mods now, which means I am able to work on my modpack.

That’s all for this week, see you all in next week’s update and thanks for following the development of King of Shadows.


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