King of Shadows – Weekly Update #37

Hey people, noticed not long ago that the week was nearly over and I hadn’t done this week’s update yet. So without further delay, here it is.

Monday: Art
I continued to do some work on the mystery art piece I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. As with then, I’m not prepared to reveal what it is at this point in time, but rest assured that I am working on something.

Tuesday: 3D Modelling
I did some more work on Pom Pom, replacing the saw blade with the shuriken she throws in Super Mario 3D World and baking textures so that, in theory, her model will look as it should when the time comes for in-game testing.

Wednesday-Thursday: Major Project
I did some more work on the character upgrade system and wanted to get a render of the Rehoboam model for the UI. Initially I was planning to only spend an hour for a rough render, but before I knew it I ended up spending most of the allocated time on the render because I had a lot of fun with it and did something a little extra with it. Anyway, here is the render.

Friday: Minor Project
I did some more work on the menus for Sadistic Shapes, unfortunately I don’t have a video this week but I should be able to get one next week.

Saturday-Sunday: Fun Items
I didn’t really get much done over the weekend since I’m encountering an issue with Sm4shExplorer (the program I use to compile my modpack) that causes it not to read the copy of the game files, I’ll be doing some investigation into this issue and see what I can turn up, hopefully it can be resolved soon so that I can get back to adding Super Smash Bros mods as soon as possible.

Well, that’s all for this week, see you all in next week’s update and thanks for following the development of King of Shadows.


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