King of Shadows – Weekly Update #20

Hey people, I’m a bit late this week because I was staying at a beach house over the weekend but fear not, for I have still made some progress. I even got the chance to do some drawing (which I haven’t done much of in the past few months since a lot of my time has been devoted to making assets/animations and in-engine work amongst other activities and commitments not related to game development) and would like to show you a couple of the sketches.


Aryn vs. Shadow Warriors


Onagoss – Corrupted human and lieutenant under the Shadow King


Umiko Tsunami (Updated Ref) – Princess of the Sea


There are more on the way, and some I won’t reveal yet since doing so could potentially spoil major plot details. The sketches will be scanned to the computer to be cleaned up and coloured in Gimp.

I said last week that there would be a video of my current progress in-engine this week, and I have worked as to not disappoint. Here it is,

Anyway, with that uploaded, that’s all for this week. See you in next week’s update and thank you for following the development of King of Shadows.


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