King of Shadows – Weekly Update #14

Hey people, I’m not going to spend much time here because I need to get back to things but here’s this week’s update.

I haven’t made much progress on the actual game since I’ve been putting most of my time into the Rehoboam model for the Art War (which happens to end this week). I’m currently working on the hair, next I’m going to be creating the armour (which should hopefully be a much faster process). Here’s a screenshot of my progress on the hair.


I’m not sure if I’ll have it done in time, but I’ll be sure to give it my best effort. Unfortunately it just seems that I’ve lost a lot of the efficiency that I used to have for stuff like this and it’s taken far longer than it would have if I had done it, for example, at this time last year.

Anyway that’s it for this week, see you all in next week’s update.


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