King of Shadows – Weekly Update #6

Hey people, it’s the 6th and final weekly update of the year. Nothing much to report in terms of progress on the game since I’ve been spending this week playing my New 3DS XL I got for Christmas with Pokemon Moon. I’ve also played a bit of Bayonetta and I gotta say I’m blown away with how smooth the combat mechanics are, I think it’s going to be a great asset to making the combat in King of Shadows feel good as well. I’ve also made sure to test out the controller with various games I have on my PC and it seems to work as it should be so that’s a plus (wouldn’t want a non-functioning controller now would we?)

Since there’s nothing really to report this week, there’s a couple of things I thought I’d share. For starters, I was able to complete my part of the Exchange Palooza event without any problems.


My submission for the Exchange, featuring PixelOfMoons’ character Trixie

The piece I got from the Exchange featured Umiko Tsunami from King of Shadows, and it made the effort I put into my piece worth it.


The piece I got from the Exchange by Femaledragonknight, featuring Umiko Tsunami

and each of the participants got something really cool: a chibi drawn of one of their characters from the admins in a massive piece. The character they chose to do for me was Aryn, the protagonist of King of Shadows.


The piece the admin made. Aryn is the second on the middle row.

To wrap up the year, I’ll leave you with a little snippet of something I’ve written for King of Shadows.


The Shadow King’s eyes snapped open; there was a powerful energy signature headed right towards his location. He probed one of his Warriors close to the source of the signature, allowing it to become his eyes and ears to confirm the identity of his unexpected guest.
When he saw who it was, his eyes flared up. The one he had been searching so long for was now headed in his direction. He headed towards the castle entrance, readying himself for the inevitable battle that would take place.
As Pandora approached the Black Fortress, Shadow Warriors began to appear one by one. She paid them no mind, simply continuing on her path before stopping at the main gate, which then opened. Her enemy was inviting her inside.

And with that, I wish you all a Happy New Year. I plan to get this thing back on track next week, so look forward to it.


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