King of Shadows – Weekly Update #5

Hey guys, here to bring you the next update on my progress for the King of Shadows project. Unfortunately there wasn’t much progress this week, I did a texture for the PH Lumin Male model but otherwise I’ve mostly been trying to work out some of the details in Rehoboam’s design so that I can make the model for him in time for the Cubebrush Art War.

I also realised that I’d forgotten to do a piece for an event I’d signed up for on DeviantART called an Exchange Palooza, a secret-santa type of event where you create an art piece for someone featuring their character(s) and someone else will create an art piece for you featuring your character(s) based on a theme (the theme for this exchange being Cozy). The submission period starts on Christmas Day for me and I like to get things in early if possible so I’ve spent the past couple of days working on it. It’s not quite finished yet but I should be able to complete it within the next couple of days.

As for a nice little bonus in the good news department, I am getting Bayonetta 1+2 for Christmas, which will be great reference material for making the combat mechanics in King of Shadows feel good, and a controller for my PC, so I’ll be able to add and test controller functionality which will make it easier for me to gauge what the console experience would be like if we decide at some point “Hey, let’s actually port this to consoles.”

That’s all for this week folks, so have a very merry Christmas. I might not do much this week but we shall see. Anyways, the next weekly update may fall on New Years Eve or New Years Day for me, so I might look into doing something special for it.


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