King of Shadows – Weekly Update #1

Hey people, I have decided to start making weekly update posts on King of Shadows. These will feature any progress made on anything for the project, planning (most of this will be early on) and development. If there’s nothing really to report, then I’ll make a post with a roundabout way of saying there’s no progress in the week haha (I’m joking, I’ll have some stuff lined up in case nothing really happens in the week). Anyway, without further ado let’s start things off with a bang.

First things first, let’s start off with what’s been going on with the planning, since a solid plan is the foundation of any successful project. Over the past couple of days I’ve been doing bits and pieces of work on a Trello board, basically breaking down everything that needs to be done into tasks and the steps required to complete them within the tasks. So far, I have managed to break down most of the animation content required as well as all of the main assets needed.


There’s still a lot to break down, so it will be something that I will be doing over the next week or so. It’s a lot of work to plan, but the way I see it the more planning I do now the more development time we will have in the Incubator Program, since there will be less wasted time in coming up with ideas for things, which also leads into the development side of this update.

You read right; I have been doing a bit more than just planning. I have a bunch of placeholder enemy models from an old project that will be re-used for the Prototype Build of King of Shadows, since the old project was set in the same universe and thus the enemies are the same.


When it comes time to implement the enemies (these are third on the priority list, after the player and the Shadow King), here’s how I envision them working:

  • Nether Spawn – Your average grunt-type enemy. Tries to get in close and tear you apart with its claws.
  • Void Knight – A bit faster than the Spawn. When it sees the you it rushes you and tries to impale you with its lance. However, if it misses, it will continue on its course for a bit before slowing to a stop, only then turning around to have another attempt at sticking you.
  • Dark Mage – An enemy that prefers to fight at a distance. It will fire bolts of dark energy at the player from afar, but if the player starts to get close it will teleport away. So the only way to get a hit on it is to catch it off-guard with Light Speed or beat it at its own game with projectiles of your own.
  • Dusk Elite – The toughest of them all. This thing is out to ruin your day with thick armour and powerful attacks. It will not be affected at all by quick attacks, and you have to be careful of when you use your heavy attacks so that you don’t end up being forced to take a hit from it.
  • Umbra Giant – The colossus that destroys anything in its path. Under no circumstances must you try to tank a hit from this beast, such an action will only lead to tears. The only way to take the monster down is to use hit-and-run tactics. However, do be careful. One of them might just surprise you…

Aside from that, I’ve also been working on making placeholder models for a Lumin Male (which will also be used for the player), Lumin Female, and the Shadow King. So far, I have completed the mesh, rig and weapons for each of them since they were built from the same base, a bit like the Shadow Warriors but to a further extent.


Shadow King


Lumin Male


Lumin Female

They will need textures, but I will be first working on creating animations for them to be used in the game. Of course, at some point each of these will be replaced with proper models as the current ones are just quick-and-dirty meshes that can be done in an hour for the purposes of testing functionality. When I have completed some animations for them I will be getting to work on implementing them in-engine, which I expect to be able to do within the next 2 weeks.

Off to a strong start at the moment, let’s hope it lasts.


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